Fall out

You tripped me up

Suddenly, without warning,

And I tried to hold onto entwined fingers.

But then you let go,

And walked away as I fell

Slowly, painfully

Out of love with you.


Bumps and bruises

The book of love has bumps and bruises

And pages torn out at the end

I’m thinking that’s the beauty of it

Because we could write them up again

Not for fixing

We don’t need help

He says to she

We’re perfectly happy

As this couple should be.


We don’t need words

He thinks this time

And, besides, above all

Silence isn’t a crime.


We don’t need fixing

He attempts to say

As she closes the door

And walks away.


We don’t need us

He remarks to the wall

All of this bickering

Isn’t working at all.


But I needed you

She struggled to say

To a he whose words

Had all run astray.


Okay so you’re 10 months in

All sparkly and nice

And you still feel like falling

Right into his eyes.


He holds your dreams

Close to his chest

And whispers I love you

Into your nest.


And you feel less afraid

Less fearful- secure

In his endless predictions

Of forever, and more.


Then one night he flinches

You kiss him on the cheek

And your future together

Begins to turn bleak.


He whispers “we’re not working,

“We’ve done it, we’ve tried”

And his truth punches its way

Into the outside.


So riddle me this,

Boy with the blue eyes

How we made it to 10 months

On what you think were lies.

Back into the storm

He says good night, sweet dreams

And I try not to read between the lines

Searching for I love you escapees

Falling from his lips

And onto the keyboard,

And I’m wondering at the same time

If I’d grant these refugees safe harbour

Or send them back into the storm